Statement by the Committee of the International Control of the human rights situation in Belarus

 Statement number 9 “on the persecution of human rights in Belarus under the pretext of combating tax violations”
Acting on behalf of the Committee of international control over the human rights situation in Belarus (CIC), which brings together representatives of the OSCE human rights organizations and international civil organizations and networks;
monitoring the overall situation with the observance of fundamental human rights in Belarus, including issues of freedom of association and compliance with the conditions for the unhindered activities of human rights defenders;
Emphasizing that human rights are the subject of direct and legitimate concern of international civil society; Read the rest of this entry


Arrested human rights activist Ales Bialiatski

The apartment is in the country and human rights activist, as well as at the Human Rights Centre “Viasna” were searched. Vice President, International Federation of Human Rights Ales Bialiatski was detained in Minsk. After lunch near the Minsk office of the human rights organization Human Rights Centre “Vesna”, began to gather suspicious men in civilian clothes. Employees of “Spring” before the arrival of the “guests” left the room and the office was empty. A human rights activist Andrei Sushko said that in the yards were two cars with people in civilian clothes on the bench and sat at the entrance to the precinct. Apparently, thus preparing an operation to capture Bialiatski. Read the rest of this entry

Detained in Minsk Ales Bialiatski

  Head of Human Rights Center “Viasna”, vice-president of the International Federation of Human Rights Ales Belyatsky was arrested on Thursday August 4 in Minsk. Official website of the “Spring” reports that “human rights activist detained by unidentified men in civilian clothes, who presented the financial police. It’s all about what Ales Bialiatski managed to inform his counterpart Vladimir Labkovich. He was forbidden to talk on the phone. In the apartment, where human rights activist, is being searched. ” Read the rest of this entry