Arrested human rights activist Ales Bialiatski

The apartment is in the country and human rights activist, as well as at the Human Rights Centre “Viasna” were searched. Vice President, International Federation of Human Rights Ales Bialiatski was detained in Minsk. After lunch near the Minsk office of the human rights organization Human Rights Centre “Vesna”, began to gather suspicious men in civilian clothes. Employees of “Spring” before the arrival of the “guests” left the room and the office was empty. A human rights activist Andrei Sushko said that in the yards were two cars with people in civilian clothes on the bench and sat at the entrance to the precinct. Apparently, thus preparing an operation to capture Bialiatski.

In the evening at the home of the chairman of “Viasna” began a search. Himself Ales Belyatsky detained near the apartment on Victory Square. Home attended only by his wife, said human rights activist Anastasia Loyko.

According to preliminary information, the search took place on the orders of the Financial Investigations Department.

BelaPAN managed to get to the apartment Belyatsky. Human rights activist wife Natalia Belyatskayasoobschila that the search began at about 17.30. Resolution of the search filed, but whom it is signed and what exactly the structure of conducting a search, the woman said she could not. Telephone conversation lasted about a minute, then she picked up the phone.

After 19 hours of the office of “Viasna” brought Ales Bialiatski. He managed to say that he was accused on criminal charges for alleged “concealment of income in a large scale.” The office began a search. His wife and son were taken to the country in Rakov, where he also was searched, reported, “Radio Liberty”.

Article of the Criminal Code which, according to preliminary data, is accused Bialiatski – “concealment of income in a large scale” – provides for imprisonment for up to 7 years with confiscation of property.

The search ended after 21 hours. Human rights activist was taken for questioning to the Financial Investigation Department.

A portion of property located in the office, was arrested. From the apartment Bialiatski seized computer.

Human rights defender Vladimir Labkovich said that Ales Bialiatski detained for three days, during which the status will be determined by the institution Bialiatski criminal case.

For information: Charter’97


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