About Ales

Ales Bialiatski  born September 25, 1962, in Karelia, where his parents left Belarus on earnings. In 1964 the family returned to Belarus.

In 1986, Ales Bialiatski  was one of the founders of the Young Writers “The Locals”, and then was elected its chairman (1986-1989).

In 1988, he was one of the founders of “Martyrology of Belarus”, was a member of the Organizing Committee of the Belarusian Popular Front “Adradzhenne”, was one of the first applicant of mass actions, “Forefathers”. Ales was one of the organizers of, and certainly one of the first hit by the court – got my first penalty – 200 Soviet rubles. The money collected colleagues at the Institute of Literature. Apparently, then, the young scientist began to emerge and future human rights activist.

In 1989 he was elected a director of the Literary Museum Bahdanovich. In this position he worked until 1998. Under his leadership, was discovered literary museum, and three branches.

In 1991-1995 he was deputy Bialiatski of the Minsk city council.

Between 1996 and is currently Chairman of the Human Rights Centre “Viasna”.

In 2007, Alexander Bialiatski was elected vice-president of the International Federation of Human Rights “(The International Federation for Human Rights – FIDH).

Bialiatski is an active member of the creative unions: the Union of Belarusian Writers, the Belarusian PEN-center, the Belarusian Association of Journalists.

In 2006 he published a book of essays and essay, “Runs on the banks of Lake Geneva.”

During his active public advocacy work and Ales Bialiatski:

won Homo Homini organization People in Need («People in Need”), which was presented by Vaclav Havel;
awarded the Prize of the Swedish Per Anger;
awarded the Sakharov Freedom (The Norwegian Helsinki Committee);
has twice been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (in 2006 and 2007). In 2007, he was in the so-called short list of possible candidates;
was awarded the title “Honorary citizen of Genoa,” the Municipality of Genoa (Italy);
was awarded the Prize of Liberty Council of the Atlantic United States.
For the same active public and rights issues in Belarus Ales Bialiatski:

brought to justice more than 20 times
was accused in a criminal case and is now in custody.

More information about the biography of Ales can be found here: http://spring96.org/en

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